"Passive" revives and refreshes.

"Passive" revives and refreshes.
  • "Passive" revives and refreshes.
  • "Passive" revives and refreshes.
  • "Passive" revives and refreshes.

A note about our aromatherapy mood improvement products:
The oils in this natural air freshener are blended with purified water and a gentle emulsifier, Polysorbate 20. There are stronger emulsifiers on the market but this one is safer for the consumer and does not compromise the strength of the essential oils. All that means to you, the customer, is that it might be a good idea to shake the bottle once in awhile. 

Each mood spray is packaged in a reusable (or recyclable) aluminum bottle. The label is easily removable.



Passive-aggressive behavior is defined as "obstructionist resistance to following through with expectations in occupational or interpersonal situations exhibited via learned helplessness, stubborness, resentment, or repeated failure to accomplish repeatedly requested task."

I read that on Wikipedia.

Simply put: gossip, sulking, claims of being misunderstood, failure to vacuum the living room even though I've asked you fifteen times... [excerpt from label text!]

Passive Anti-Bad Mood Spray and natural room air freshener is a gentle, sweet blend of exotic jasmine, ylang-ylang,and fresh-peeled orange. Oddly enough? Passive Anti-Bad-Mood Spray is a best seller in New York City!

  • Exotic florals Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang sweeten the air and provide a surprising boost of energy for tired minds.
  • Instant stress relief with an easy mess-free spray - no aromatherapy burner required.
  • Fast, gentle, weightless scent.
  • Pure essential oils freshen the air without any harmful chemicals. Non-aerosol and safe for children and pets.
  • Certified Vegan - No Animal Testing - BPA Free - Reusable/100% Recyclable Packaging.


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