Anti-Bad-Mood Aromatherapy Spray™ FAQs

1. Is this a real product or a joke?

This is a real product, not a joke. These aromatherapy blends are designed to improve common bad moods, and are packaged as room sprays for ease of use. I developed these products because nice smells make me happy. Even though the names are kind of funny, the aromatherapy sprays are custom blended to produce a positive emotional response. I attended workshops at the Tisserand Aromatherapy Institute in the UK and have used knowledge to create a set of aromatherapy Mood Sprays™ safe for use around children and pets.

2. Do the anti-bad-mood sprays™ work? 

Yes. And No.  

Yes. Anti bad mood sprays work by sending their natural, clean smells through the nose to the brain's limbic system. The nose is the most direct highway to the brain and it is the limbic system is where our emotional life takes shape. When you smell something good, your emotional brain responds to these scent messages before you've had time to think twice. That's the same science that encourages real estate agents to bake cookies for an open house. The comforting smell greets prospective buyers as they walk in the door. Depending on the blend, the anti-bad-mood sprays will help you feel more calm or more active. Brighter or more relaxed. 

No, you cannot cure the root cause of all human misery by spraying your house with aromatherapy oils. You're still going to have to work on your personal issues. But if you're here, you're probably desperate enough to try the home-fragrance-level of problem solving, and I so appreciate that. Give it a shot. Drop me an email if you'd like me to recommend some books from my self-help section.

The anti-bad-mood sprays also freshen the air without harmful chemicals. You don't have to be unhappy to use these products. You can simply enjoy them for their fresh, safe, scents.


3. How long do the bottles last?

If you spray an 8 oz. bottle twice a day, your purchase will last you for six months but probably more like a year, with average use. Most of my customers don't use them every day (I think I'm the only one who does) so the product is good value for money.


 4.  How do I use my anti-bad-mood sprays™?

These are my suggestions:

  • Spray into the steamy air of a hot shower or on a washcloth in the bath. Apathy™ is particularly effective in a hot shower before work.
  • Leave a bottle in a shared restroom at home or at work.
  • Spray in the kitchen or hallway of your apartment building to remove lingering cooking odors. 
  • Spray near the litter box. No explanation needed there.
  • Mist above your head after smoking to reduce cigarette smells. 
  • Use in the office to freshen stale air (if you're nice, you'll ask your coworkers first).
  • Spray on a cotton ball or tissue and carry it to a meeting. 
  • Keep a bottle in your car to de-stink yourself on-the-go. 


5. Can I use anti-bad-mood sprays™ on my skin?

The label asks that you do not. But I can't stop you.


6. Are the sprays safe for pets?

Yes. We love our pets and would never make a product that would compromise their health. But obviously, use common sense. Don't spray it in pets' eyes, ears, noses, or other sensitive areas. Don't spray it on their food or water. Don't let them drink it.


7. How come you don't offer samples?

Honestly? I can't afford it. I'm just a one-person, small batch aromatherapy company. Sampling manufacturers require orders of 100,000 pieces PER SCENT, and I just can't swing it yet. I tried to make them myself but wasn't happy with the quality of the sample sets. I would love to be able order professional someday, but for now? I offer the 8 oz. bottles being pretty sure you'll LOVE the quality of the packaging, the scents, and how long they last.

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