About Aromatherapy Mood Sprays™

The aromatherapy mood sprays in this shop evolved from a concept I came up with twenty years ago during what I call my "cubicle years." According to the Myers-Briggs test they gave me at my old job, I'm an ENFP with an off-the-chart F. Planning a corporate golf tournament with a bipolar alcoholic? Good times.

I've survived the most difficult times of my life by staying heavily scented.

The beauty industry has spent gazillions of dollars researching the connections between scent and happiness. If essential oils can help an athlete shave off seconds from their 400 meter dash, then maybe they can help you deal with the huge number of annoying things and people you are confronted with every day. Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays™ won't solve all your problems, but they will make you feel better about them in the moment.

If you’re not sure which Mood Spray™ to try first? Start with Apathy™.  Most people love the clean, fresh, scent of pink grapefruit with a hint of green basil. Spray with abandon! These fine-mist sprayers will make your Anti-Bad-Mood Spray™ last for a year; maybe longer. Each bottle comes with a mini-mister for travel purposes.

These hand-blended aromatherapy sprays are made in small batches, by me. Also check the curated selection of gifts, specifically chosen to cheer you up. Happy shopping!

Thanks for supporting this one-woman show!

-- Heidi

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