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First of all, there is no "us." There's really just me. Heidi Rettig. According to the Myers-Briggs test they gave me at my old job, I'm an ENFP with an off-the-chart F. I've survived the most difficult times of my life by staying heavily scented. 

The Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays™ products evolved from a concept I came up with twenty years ago during what I call my "cubicle years." Apathy™ was my sprayable aromatherapy "cure." I wanted a natural air freshener that could also improve my mood.

You see, in the corporate environment, we sort-of pretend that we're all checking our personal problems at the office door. But we don't. We each bring a psychology to the workplace and more often than not, that psychology brings a level of dysfunction to each project. Our colleagues, without any background information whatsoever, will have to map and respond to these dysfunctions each and every day.Planning a corporate golf tournament with a bipolar alcoholic? Good times.

Being confronted by chronic narcissism or passive/aggressive behavior can lead to indifference; apathy. The reality is that the only power you have in these situations is to find another job (that hopefully has a set of dysfunctions more amenable to your own), or make the best of the situation you're in.

The aromatherapy mood sprays are about making the best of it.

But these products aren't just for work. I can imagine plenty of in-law situations where they might be pretty helpful.

Even though the names are kind of funny, the aromatherapy oils are custom blended to produce a positive emotional response. I attended aromatherapy classes at the Tisserand Aromatherapy Institute in the UK. Each blend is fresh smelling and safe to use around children and pets. The products are certified Vegan and the essential oils are organically sourced, whenever possible. 

Be smart, and don't spray them in your eyes, your mouth, or directly on your skin. Be kind, and don't spray them around folks who have chemical sensitivities. 





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