FREQUENT MELTDOWN Novelty Rewards Card

FREQUENT MELTDOWN Novelty Rewards Card

A note about our aromatherapy mood improvement products:
The oils in this natural air freshener are blended with purified water and a gentle emulsifier, Polysorbate 20. There are stronger emulsifiers on the market but this one is safer for the consumer and does not compromise the strength of the essential oils. All that means to you, the customer, is that it might be a good idea to shake the bottle once in awhile. 

Each mood spray is packaged in a reusable (or recyclable) aluminum bottle. The label is easily removable.


This blue plastic card entitles the user to a free MELTDOWN after nine regularly-priced freak outs.The perfect novelty rewards card to keep in your wallet or gift to a friend.

No vegan options at your sister's wedding reception? Trying to pick up a prescription from the hostile pharmacists at Wal-mart? Did you just spend $2000 on a new mattress that really sucks? If only babies could read. You could pass out so many of these to other people's kids at restaurants.

Designed by AdamJK, this "meltdown" card is made of solid plastic (like a credit card) and is the same size and shape as all the other rewards cards in your purse.

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