My First Job and Two Ways To Make Your Office Less Miserable


Remember your first full-time office job? How unprepared were you to sit in one chair, in one room, with the same group of people day in and day out? School doesn't cut it. Even at school you get the occasional break - moving from classroom to classroom or the gym for the dreaded P.E. hour. No. The office is something entirely different. 

Obviously, it was kind of hard on me. My first job was at a major multinational corporation. The woman I worked for sat me down at a desk and trained me from 9-5 for two solid weeks.The training was intense, but it was HANDS DOWN the best job training I've ever received. For eight hours a day I looked at the hair on her arms and swore I'd never wear a finger condom when *I* filed. (That was *before* I found out that I was responsible for filing 2,000 paper purchase orders by number each and every day.) For those two weeks of training, the bathroom stall was my only private space. And it wasn't even that private. No matter what time of day, it seemed that a certain elderly employee would be settled in the adjacent stall smoking a cigarette and flinging questions toward my high heels.

This was a long time ago. Back then you could still smoke at your desk! I was so young I once believed an ingrown toenail caused by those pointy, 80's high heels worthy of a visit to the corporate nurse. Times are different now. It's 11 a.m. and I'm wearing flip flops in my home office. And that's just the start.

But I digress. A friend shared this ThinkGeek product on Facebook and I had to post it here.The Insta Sky flourescent light filter instasky out of those miserable overhead office lights. Simple products (like Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays) can change the mood of the whole room. A perfect gift for that office worker in your life. Add a bottle of Apathy and they're set for the year.


How to Use Anti Bad Mood Aromatherapy Room Sprays.


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