Are Mood Sprays Safe for Pets and Children?

Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays are safe for use around children and pets.


Yes. Our mood sprays are safe for use around pets and children. The ingredient list is short, 100 percent natural, and essential oils are organically sourced as often as possible.

You can use your Anti-Bad-Mood sprays to freshen pet areas without worrying about exposing sensitive noses to harsh cleaning products. I use my Apathy spray near the litter box to clean the air without harmful chemicals. I spray the bedroom a couple of times after making the bed and I find it gives our bedroom a feeling of freshness when we return to it in the evening. When my cats are snoozing on the bed during the day, I know they are healthy and safe in that space.

I don't have children, but I'm always trying to push Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays on people who do. Anyone with a diaper pail needs a bottle of Apathy. I'm shipping a free mini-pack (a $10 value) with every purchase of a full-sized bottle through the end of October so you can give them all a try!


HR Products' Statement on Animal Testing



Our anti-bad-mood sprays are tested on people, not animals.

HR Products LLC does not test products on animals or use source materials and ingredients that have been tested on animals.We are certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

The ingredients in each anti-bad-mood spray are natural and safe to use. Essential oils are organically sourced, wherever possible. Unlike most commercial room sprays, our products are free of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and phthalates. They are hand-blended in Winchester, Virginia.

Each mood lifting spray is minimally packaged. Our lightweight aluminum bottle has a label printed on a biodegradable, synthetic “paper.” The bottle tops are 100 percent recyclable. Our website provides instructions for cleaning the bottles and suggestions for reuse.

It costs more to do things this way. Especially if you’re a small company. But at the end of the day, I go to bed knowing I’ve put something out in the world that makes people happier – not just because of the essential oils inside each spray. I make products that won’t compromise the health of customers, their families, pets, or the environment. I make products that people fall in love with and can’t live without.

That feels so much better than a big paycheck.

– Heidi Rettig, CEO


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