How to Use Essential Oils Without a Burner

How to Diffuse Essential Oils without a Burner


When I’m in a bad mood, I’m basically lazy. I want instant happiness. It’s a nice idea to think that I could sit down with a cup of tea and my journal while I inhale the essential oils bubbling away in the diffuser, but the reality is that I’m usually in such a funk that I can barely roll over and uncap The Antidote for Ego™ spray.

So if you’re the kind of person that has barely enough motivation uncap the top of your deodorant stick or if you can’t be trusted to bring the travel mugs of coffee back home to wash them? You’re like me.

And that’s why I make the Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays™ as ready-to-use aromatherapy products. You just spritz them in your space and inhale the scents. I’m not great at scrubbing essential oil burners and most of the time I don’t want to sit and wait for the glory to kick in.

Below I’ve made a list of some trusted methods you can use to diffuse essential oils. All of these methods will work with your Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays™ as well as the blends you make or buy from other sellers.

  • Spritz Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays™ or one drop of an essential oil on a tissue, handkerchief or cotton ball. This method is the most convenient and flexible way to use essential oils. You can carry the scent with you or tuck it inside a pillowcase or inside your clothing. Some essential oils will stain, so proceed carefully by testing a small amount of the oil in a hidden spot on fabrics.
  • My favorite way to use Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays™ is to mist them in front of my air intake vent. The lavender and citrus in The Antidote for Ego™ is a natural way to cleanse the air and the scent refreshes without overpowering. A couple of drops of organic lavender essential oil on your air filter would also do the trick.
  • Pour hot water into a bowl and add up to ¼ cup of a favorite Anti-Bad-Mood Spray™ to the bowl to scent the room quickly. If you are using neat essential oils, use between 1-10 drops, depending on the aroma strength you prefer.

Start small when you are working with your own essential oils. When it comes to scent, less IS more.

I always say that it’s the same science a realtor is using when they bake cookies before an open house. You don’t have to eat the cookies (at least not ALL of the cookies) to generate a positive emotional reaction. You like chocolate, there is chocolate in the air, and your brain responds with loving memories of that cookie-baking smell.

If you want the benefit of aromatherapy, you are not aiming for a smell that hangs in the air like a cheap candle. You are simply trying to move the smell from the nose to the brain, so that the brain’s limbic system can respond.


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