30 Ways to Improve Your Life


I read MarcandAngel.com when I'm looking for life inspiration. I found this article, 30 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less and thought I'd share it with anti-bad-mood spray customers. The idea is that completing some or all of these activities will have a positive emotional impact on your life - and we all need that, right?

By coincidence, I completed a couple of similar items this year and I've been really surprised by how much happiness those activities have brought to my life. I signed up for a Coursera.com class on Behavioral Economics, taught by Dan Ariely. I loved every minute of it. I watched the video lectures while I packaged anti-bad-mood sprays and did the readings in the evening. I absorbed an incredible amount of information and months later I am still thinking about what I learned and looking for ways to apply it in my arts consulting business.

I also started a new DIY project - staining a new fence and hand-building a retaining wall in the back yard. The retaining wall was such a small project that I had a hard time getting a landscaper interested. Finally, a friend encouraged me to strike out and try doing it on my own. I felt like such a grownup when I went to purchase a pallet of rock by myself! (I'm still 19 in my head.) My husband has helped alot with this project and it's been hard work but also great fun. Our house was built in 1866 and we became amateur archaelogists as we dug down through the layers of dirt. We found dozens of hand-forged nails; lots of broken pieces of glass and china; a 1911 nickel; a 1945 wheat penny; glass marbles and a heart-shaped padlock with an eagle crest similar to this one. The yard is looking really good and we have really enjoyed our time together poking around in the dirt. A good relationship isn't all about going out to dinner. Sometimes it involves a metal detector and a giant can of bug spray.

Those two activities have greatly improved my year - and I wouldn't have expected how much enjoyment I got out of both. Particularly since I more-or-less stumbled into them. What brings you happiness? What have you tried and found, almost by surprise, that you love to do?


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