Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's that time again. You want your Mom to feel appreciated because she's always been your personal cheerleader. Or maybe she's always been a thorn in your side but you don't quite want her to know that. Either way, it's time to start shopping for a great gift for Mom!

Now obviously, your Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays are a great gift for any Mom. But I've got a few other things I think might be the perfect fit.

First, a budget-friendly option: The Vidalia Chop Wizard. Someone recommended this "As Seen on TV" product to me and I love it. It's easy, fast, and it totally works. You can purchase the Chop Wizard via Amazon, Target and many other stores. But it's worth visiting the Vidalia Chop Wizard website just to watch the promotional video try to convince you that cutting tomatoes is "really dangerous." At $19.95, this is a great gift at an affordable price. Present it to your Mom with a bunch of fresh, organic vegetables or a new cookbook.

Another option would be to splurge on some skincare products that make your Mom look and feel great. I've been using Radical Skincare products for a few months now, and I can't say enough about them. I started first with the Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads - which are AWESOME. I'd buy each and every one of you a carton - but I can't afford that. And then I bought the Radical Starter Kit so I could try the creams. I have dry, sensitive skin and rosecea, so it means something to me when I find great products. Here's a little description of the exfoliating pads:

Another great idea would be to invite your Mom for lunch and a spa pedicure. Choose her favorite restaurant and the nicest spa you can afford.Or you could finally give in to that one thing that she's always wanting to do together - but you never make time for. Just suck it up and go.

If your Mom lives far away, or isn't the pedicure type, there's absolutely no shame in sending a gift card. I think we all feel a little guilty sending a gift card - but we all love GETTING them, right? Who wouldn't love a little extra money to spend however they choose? Tucked inside a beautiful card with a thoughtful inscription - a gift card is a lovely Mother's Day present. Don't feel guilty.

If your Mom has passed away, considering taking a few moments to reach out to another Mom you know who might be feeling lonely. A simple phone call or card in the mail can do wonders for a person's spirit.

What are your favorite gifts to give (or receive!) on Mother's Day? I'd love to hear about them in the comment section.



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