I manage too many websites.


Last month, the domain registration for my consulting website expired. The details are definitely not that interesting, but the short summary is that the email organizing app I use to prioritize messages classified the renewal request as SPAM. After ten-odd years of being Heidi Rettig dot com, I found myself without a homepage.

I'm not a very active blogger on my consulting site - my clients have always come to me by word of mouth -  but I do think it is important to keep a shingle up online, in case anyone has lost my number. I maintain this web-based business and several other blogs and three etsy.com stores - without a doubt this is too many websites.

But I need my consulting website - it is my consulting that pays the bills! So, I jumped through various hoops. An early Internet-adapter, I had purchased the domain a dozen years ago, originally through my email provider who used GoDaddy as the registrar. The only problem was/is, that the email provider no longer exists and GoDaddy doesn't really consider my account a GoDaddy account. Though the domain registration was in limbo, GoDaddy support was very helpful and said that if I followed certain steps I would be able to renew the registration and all would be just fine.

Except that it wasn't. I did what they said, but within a matter of days, some guy had purchased the domain and started posting fitness-related articles on my site. There was lots of back and forth and frustration as I plowed through old emails looking for login information for WordPress, GreenGeeks.com, GoDaddy.com, and my old email provider. My web consultant reassured me that all the files were still available - but understandably wasn't that interested in helping me unravel the administrative details.

And neither am I. I realized I cared about my domain but not enough to buy it back from the new guy. He can have it. I'm just going to let my original domain go and purchase another one. Which I will likely neglect just as much as I neglect this one. But this time? With this new domain? I'm definitely going to write down all the passwords and tape them to the bottom of my desktop.

Pinky swears.


Cubicle Mood Sprays: Secret Santa Office Gift Guide




How many times a day do you find yourself thinking, "I hate my boss?" Google Analytics tells us that this phrase brings more people to The Antidote for Ego website than any other. The sad part is that people aren't even really looking for a "cure," per se. They're just making a kind of search engine confession. These are desperate times.

Cubicle mood sprays can't fix your situation, but they will help you cope. At least in a small way. The aromatherapy blends in each bottle were developed to mitigate common workplace complaints; behaviors that affect all of us at one time or another.

The biggest seller on my website is Apathy - and Apathy is a great cubicle mood spray to start with if you've never tried aromatherapy before. It's a fresh, grapefruit scent subtle enough for use in a shared space. The natural citrus will clean bad food smells out of the air and improve your mood.

A great idea for your Secret Santa, but mostly, a great idea just for you. Free shipping through the holidays.



Cubicle Wars: A New YouTube Series.

 This movie-making technology from Xtranormal.com inspires me! I made a video of passive/aggressive behavior at work. If you have a boss like this one, you might benefit from one of our sprays - Passive or Aggressive - or both.  Enjoy the video!


Customer Photo: Passive/Aggressive At Work.


Sent in by Kim, in Florida. 


Cubicle Wars.



In the corporate environment, we sort-of pretend that we're all checking our personal problems at the office door. But we don't. We each bring a psychology to the workplace and more often than not, that psychology brings a level of dysfunction to the work day. Our colleagues, without any background information whatsoever, will have to map and respond to these dysfunctions each and every day.

The smartest thing to do in situations like these would be to find a job that better meets your expectations. Unfortunately? Change is hard. Really, really hard. Some people can never change without years of intensive therapy. What if there were a series of 'antidotes' for bad behavior in a set of convenient 8 oz. sprays?

Enter, The Antidote for Ego™, Apathy™, Passive™ and Aggressive™ room sprays for office and home. These products are all-natural, organically sourced (whenever possible) and custom blended to enhance your day. The fragrance is subtle enough to use in a shared environment.

Ready to ship and a perfect gift for the holidays!


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