Sports Bras for Big Boobs: Exercise Support for DD+

Sports Bras for Women with Large Breasts


As noted in my first post, "What to Wear to the Gym," sports bras deserve a dedicated post in my "How to Work Out" blog series. Below I've made some suggestions of the exercise bras I wear. I have also reviewed a couple I like but, for one reason or another, just didn't work for me. Just so you know where I'm coming from? I wear a 34G and my fitness routine includes running, strength training, and cardio equipment. 

I'm only going to write about sports bras for women with large breasts. (If you are new to exercise and have regular-sized breasts (less than a DD+) try Title Nine or Nordstrom for a great selection) If your gals are bigger, you know what I'm talking about. Fitness with a big bosom? It's a hard row to hoe.


Sports Bras for the DD+ : Running and Fitness


I get tired of wasting my money on bras - you large boobers know what I'm talking about - so I have taken to getting professional fittings. My last visit was to BraSmyth on the Upper East Side of New York City. A very tiny French woman -- who was (seriously) so small I could have stuffed her into one of my bra cups -- hooked me up with my new favorite, the Anita brand "Extreme:"


Anita Extreme support sports bra for large breasts

I have it in black and grey. It gives great support and when I'm out running I don't even think about it or my bosoms - which says it all. The Anita Extreme sports bra doesn't have a wire which makes it very comfortable and easy to wash in the machine. It looks just fine under my workout shirts! It's also a good price - around $65.


Marie Joe Intense sports bra is a good choice for fitness lovers with larger breasts.

I also recommend the Marie Jo "Intense" sports bra as an all-arounder for strength training and using the elliptical or Stairmaster. The underwire gives you a normal, non "uniboob" shape and the full coverage at the top of the cups keeps you all tucked in. I don't like to run in this bra because the edge of the wire leaves a mark on my boobs even though it is covered with material. I often wear this as my everyday bra. At over $100 it's expensive but I do like it. 


Sports Bras that Work - But Not for Me.


Enell makes a good sports bra for large breasted women.


Enell is famous for restraining the breasts of millions of fans of the Oprah show. And Drew Barrymore. I tried this bra and though it worked I didn't like wearing it. It generally felt fine during exercise but once you stop moving, you're aware of how tight it is and how mashed in you are. Not in a good way for me. I sometimes felt like my boobs were too close to my throat when I was on the floor doing crunches. That being said, I do have a smaller rib cage (32") and it could be that another size would have worked better or that it's just not the right bra for me. I haven't tried the Enell Lite, either. I know people that swear by Enell so I'm including it here.

I really liked the Bendon Max Out bra and it was a good price - $55. But the clasp on the racerback was in the back - and I had trouble putting it on by myself. Which is kind of a basic!


Bendon Max Out sports bra offers good support for larger boobs.


I also like the Freya Active Softcup pictured below (around $60) and I'd put it just under the Anita Extreme in terms of the support it gives for running. The problem with this bra is that it is so ugly. I'm not talking garden-variety ugly. I'm talking hideous. If you let your husband see you wearing it without a shirt on? His man parts will curl up inside his body. And this is a marketing photo of the bra - the best photo they could possibly come up with:


It's not like any of these sports bras turn me into Marilyn Monroe. It's just that this bra doesn't look that much better under a workout shirt. It does work, though. So if you get one, get it in black and wear a dark colored shirt over it.

What sports bras work well for you? Leave a comment! Also Check out my post on How to Choose a Good Gym and a discussion about socks, gym pants, and shoes over here. And order some Mood Sprays, if you think of it.




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