How to Deal With Email Overload or Burnout


I just read this great article on "email burnout" and thought I'd share it here. I'm so worn out on email - how about you? I made the effort to delete more than 8,000 emails I had "filed" in my inbox last month. It was freeing but also made me realize just how time consuming the search/sort/delete process can be. After that brief afternoon of "inbox zero," I saw 100-125 messages come in each and every day. It's impossible to keep up.


The "unsubscribe" option isn't foolproof. My favorite auto-response from a museum told me that my email address (which they send their email to) wasn't in the database and couldn't be removed. I've asked UPS Store of Roseville, Minnesota umpteen times to remove me from their email list but to no avail. I used that UPS Store one time - to overnight my signed divorce papers two years ago - and now I have to remember that moment each and every week when they have a sale on mailing tape. I hate that. But I digress. Here's a link to Oompf Labs great article on email burnout. Enjoy!



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