My Favorite Ways to Waste Time

1. I like to read;

2. I like to watch movies.

Last night I watched a vintage Sean Penn film called Racing With the Moon.

This is a sweet little movie. Sean Penn, Nic Cage, and Elizabeth McGovern - all before they were known for what they are now known for. And before Elizabeth McGovern played every part with her chin. Just watch Downton Abbey and you'll totally get what I mean by that.

It's also interesting to see how actors looked before they had their teeth "done." Nic Cage - maybe he didn't like his real teeth and feels better about the way he looks now, but I have to say that his original teeth gave another layer of character to his part in Racing With the Moon.  I think the same of Tom Cruise and so many other celebrities. But of course, there are so many things I'd change about my body if I could. And they are in the body business - so who am I to judge?

-- Heidi

P.S. Please buy a Mood Spray. I am poor.


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