My Favorite Ways to Waste Time

1. I like to read;

2. I like to watch movies.

Last night I watched a vintage Sean Penn film called Racing With the Moon.

This is a sweet little movie. Sean Penn, Nic Cage, and Elizabeth McGovern - all before they were known for what they are now known for. And before Elizabeth McGovern played every part with her chin. Just watch Downton Abbey and you'll totally get what I mean by that.

It's also interesting to see how actors looked before they had their teeth "done." Nic Cage - maybe he didn't like his real teeth and feels better about the way he looks now, but I have to say that his original teeth gave another layer of character to his part in Racing With the Moon.  I think the same of Tom Cruise and so many other celebrities. But of course, there are so many things I'd change about my body if I could. And they are in the body business - so who am I to judge?

-- Heidi

P.S. Please buy a Mood Spray. I am poor.


Two Feel Good Movies With Happy Endings


 A couple of "feel good" movie ideas to get you through the last weeks of winter.


The winter storms on the East coast mean we're camped in front of the TV like never before. On Valentine's Day, we settled in with comfort foods and binge-watched the second season of House of Cards. We finished the entire series in less than 48 hours.

A second wave of cold air pushed us in a new direction. We watched two films over the weekend and I recommend them both. "Feel good" movies with happy endings - but far from predictable stories.

About Time is Bill Nighy at his best. The family in About Time is the kind of family I'd want to have. And such a different narrative from most films about families and relationships. I cried a little bit when I saw how happy they were and how much they enjoyed their children. A really nice movie, I thought.

Paul Newman received an Oscar nod for his role in Nobody's Fool, a film based on a novel by Richard Russo. Russo is a master at capturing quirky characters and the petty dramas of life in small towns. I never saw it the first time around, and I'm not sorry. I appreciate so much more now that I've spent some years out of the city.

Just some suggestions if you're looking for a "feel good" film to get you through the last weeks of winter. And buy a bottle of Apathy Anti-Bad-Mood Spray. Natch. Aromatherapy will help. Just a few weeks of winter and we're all good! Right? Right.




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