Holiday Party Essentials and Gift Ideas for the Walk of Shame

My partying days are long over, but the accumulated wisdom remains. Here are some essentials for your upcoming holiday parties - and the inevitable "Walk of Shame."


Mini Mood sprays are portable for your walk of shame after holiday parties.


Duh. Mini aromatherapy Mood Spray packs are purse portable for those uncomfortable post-party smells. Sample sizes of Apathy or Aggressive will clean the air with natural citrus essential oils. In a pinch, you could spray them on your skin (kind of like skin Febreze) to try and cover the booze smell before you head to the office from a strange apartment in the Jersey suburbs. You should also know that if you take a multivitamin BEFORE you go to sleep, your morning hangover will be dramatically reduced. #you'rewelcome


Years ago, there was this friend in my posse who always stayed out a little bit later than the rest of us. Inevitably, she'd knock on the door at 3 a.m. after losing her keys somewhere on South Beach. Just to be funny, we bought her a mini leg holster for Christmas (not this one, but this is the closest I could find) that she could strap to her leg. The PortaPocket is great idea - find one for your party girl that's small enough to hold a house key, cab fare, and a lipstick. It will be a hit!


A pair of roll-up ballet flats are handy for the gal who stayed out too late in platform heels. Jus' sayin'.


Perfect for the woman who goes straight to the office after a late night holiday party.


Palettes are perfect for the gal who goes straight to the office after a holiday happy hour that wound up going all night long. Baybeeeeee! This Bobbi Brown "Everyday" palette is one of my faves - just basic, professional, quality makeup in colors that will work for most everyone.

 But seriously - buy the mood sprays.


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