How to Deal With Email Overload or Burnout


I just read this great article on "email burnout" and thought I'd share it here. I'm so worn out on email - how about you? I made the effort to delete more than 8,000 emails I had "filed" in my inbox last month. It was freeing but also made me realize just how time consuming the search/sort/delete process can be. After that brief afternoon of "inbox zero," I saw 100-125 messages come in each and every day. It's impossible to keep up.


The "unsubscribe" option isn't foolproof. My favorite auto-response from a museum told me that my email address (which they send their email to) wasn't in the database and couldn't be removed. I've asked UPS Store of Roseville, Minnesota umpteen times to remove me from their email list but to no avail. I used that UPS Store one time - to overnight my signed divorce papers two years ago - and now I have to remember that moment each and every week when they have a sale on mailing tape. I hate that. But I digress. Here's a link to Oompf Labs great article on email burnout. Enjoy!



Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays CEO


Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Projects: Happier at Home in 21 Days or Less?

It's hard to disturb Kiki and White Kitty just to make the bed.


I've never read a book by Gretchen Rubin and yet...I love everything she has to say. She is a master at sharing helpful content on the Internet. You really must visit her website or subscribe to her monthly emails.

I started making my bed each day after Gretchen Rubin advised that making your bed was [oddly] linked to happiness. I did make my bed, but only if it didn't disturb the kitties snuggled up in the blankets.

So, following Rubin's advice, I started making the bed religiously. In spite of the kitties. And making the bed often extended into a quick tidy of the bedroom in general. (Which, by the way, involves a quick spray of Apathy aromatherapy spray to clean the air.) And when I come in to a calm, clean bedroom at the end of the day...I find I AM happier. Oddly enough.

Gretchen Rubin has a new series of "21 Day Projects" to help you find more happiness at home. There's one on de-cluttering; one to help you stop yelling at your kids; one to improve your relationship; and the one I'm going to try - "Getting to Know Yourself Better." Seems so relevant as I process the artifacts of my past lives and try to figure out what happens next. Each program is $4.99 - but the relationship series is free.

If you sign up for one, let me know. Maybe we can digest and share our findings by email?


Five Ways to Make Your Mark on the World

This three-minute video from Box of Crayons shows us five ways we can make our mark on the world.


I don't know about you, but I really struggle to identify what it is, exactly, that I'm "good" at or what sets me free. I'm "good," in a way, at sorting out other people's problems or taking care of things they don't want to do - but I'm not sure it's really that good for me.

I don't want to look in the shadows. I know that the answer is that I must look anyway -  but that's easier said than done. What I know is lurking there scares me. The number one thought I've had lately is that I don't care nearly as much about [specific] things as I once believed. This sets chaos in motion as I work to redefine how my life has been organized up until now. It's painful for me and for those around me, I suppose.

There's no spray for that. Just a great deal of agonized journaling, I suppose (since I can't afford therapy). And, quite frankly, I quit journaling some years ago. And I don't mean to be flip - I'm being realistic. I'm 42, I'm on a budget, and I have to be candid about who and what I am able to change. But 42 isn't 82, there's still time. Right? Right. The question is where to start.


I manage too many websites.


Last month, the domain registration for my consulting website expired. The details are definitely not that interesting, but the short summary is that the email organizing app I use to prioritize messages classified the renewal request as SPAM. After ten-odd years of being Heidi Rettig dot com, I found myself without a homepage.

I'm not a very active blogger on my consulting site - my clients have always come to me by word of mouth -  but I do think it is important to keep a shingle up online, in case anyone has lost my number. I maintain this web-based business and several other blogs and three stores - without a doubt this is too many websites.

But I need my consulting website - it is my consulting that pays the bills! So, I jumped through various hoops. An early Internet-adapter, I had purchased the domain a dozen years ago, originally through my email provider who used GoDaddy as the registrar. The only problem was/is, that the email provider no longer exists and GoDaddy doesn't really consider my account a GoDaddy account. Though the domain registration was in limbo, GoDaddy support was very helpful and said that if I followed certain steps I would be able to renew the registration and all would be just fine.

Except that it wasn't. I did what they said, but within a matter of days, some guy had purchased the domain and started posting fitness-related articles on my site. There was lots of back and forth and frustration as I plowed through old emails looking for login information for WordPress,,, and my old email provider. My web consultant reassured me that all the files were still available - but understandably wasn't that interested in helping me unravel the administrative details.

And neither am I. I realized I cared about my domain but not enough to buy it back from the new guy. He can have it. I'm just going to let my original domain go and purchase another one. Which I will likely neglect just as much as I neglect this one. But this time? With this new domain? I'm definitely going to write down all the passwords and tape them to the bottom of my desktop.

Pinky swears.


Did you realize...the average worker spends 1 hour each day searching for lost email?

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