The One Thing You Need Less of Right Now by Courtney Carver

I shared this article over the weekend on my Facebook page and it seems worth sharing here. I spent much of the last few weeks posting about my space-clearing process because I believe that all of this stuff I've accumulated has made a negative contribution to my stress level.

Aromatherapy Mood Sprays can't solve all of my problems. Just some of them. The ones that smell really bad. Eventually, I knew I'd have to deal with the underlying issues.It's not just stuff - it's deeper than that. Click through to read about how stuff contributes to stress. And what you can do about it.

Truth is, I've simplified my life in more ways than one over the past few years, and I definitely feel the difference. The clutter is just one of the last items on the list. I'm far from finished and found Courtney Carver's article very helpful - I needed some encouragement to keep me focused on the goals at hand. 

And by the way, that's NOT my desk. That's an image via Valerie a Lifestyle Management.

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