How to Make an Artist's Flutter Book: Video from Otis College Book Arts


"I'm cheating myself." I had that thought when I read Seth Godin's blog post, "Angry Is a Habit." Every morning I wake up and busy myself with things that need to be done, but perhaps not as urgently as I have led myself to believe.

And so I don't make art. Or write. Which are really the only things (that I can see) that I am "good" at that also make me happy. Just like many others, it's easy to convince myself that I can't make a living from my creative work when you keep it perpetually unfinished. There's nothing available to sell if it's still in the studio, right? I have made a habit of not being in the studio. If I'm in the studio, it is to do some accounting at my desk.It's not a positive association - bank balances and creative work.

So, this morning I resolved to go in the studio and 1) make a 'practice' flutter book - inspired by a YouTube video from Rebecca Chamlee, a Bookbinder at Otis College Department of Book Arts. And 2) remove all my office furniture and work papers from the art studio and put them in another room.

Because having your office and your art studio in the same place is like installing a toilet next to the fridge. (A great artist told me that.)  Here's that flutter book tutorial:



What are emotional habit you going to work on changing today?

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