How to Use Anti Bad Mood Aromatherapy Room Sprays.


There are many different ways to use Anti-bad-mood sprays. I find them particularly useful in places where I encounter unpleasant smells and stale air.

Here are some ideas for using the essential oil sprays to relieve stress and instantly improve your mood - no aromatherapy burner required:

  • Spritz the mood spray into the steamy air of a hot shower or on a washcloth in the bath. Apathy™has a fresh-peeled grapefruit scent and is particularly effective in a hot shower before work.
  • Leave a bottle in a shared restroom at home or at work.
  • Spray in the kitchen or hallway of your apartment building to remove lingering cooking odors. 
  • Spray near the litter box. No explanation needed there.
  • Mist above your head after smoking to reduce cigarette smells. 
  • Use in the office to freshen stale air.
  • Spray on a cotton ball or tissue and carry it to a meeting. 
  • Keep a bottle in your car and spray a light mist in front of the A/C vent when you are tired.
  • Spray throughout the house before you leave for work. When you come home at night, you will be welcomed home by a subtle, natural, clean smell.

The four-pack of trial size bottles is within TSA limits for liquids for airline travel, so you can bring your mood sprays with you when you travel. Use the travel pack to:

  • Freshen airport or airplane restrooms.
  • Clean the air in hotel rooms.
  • Spritz in the shower to provide an instant lift before important meetings with clients.
  • De-stress the whole family during long, hot car rides by spraying in front of the A/C vents.
  • Keep the travel pack in your gym bag to refresh lockers and clothing or even your hair before and after a workout.

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