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Creative by nature, I surround myself at work with art that inspires me. Today, I bought four prints from inflated/deflated . Each speaks to  the character of the four anti-bad-mood sprays I manufacture. It matters to me that you've bought them, and you love them, and it matters to me that world class resorts like Four Seasons Resorts want them too. It was a tiny idea, and the idea waited nearly twenty years until I was in the right place, at the right time. Which is right now. So I'm celebrating by supporting someone else's idea







I'm going to arrange these in a row on my office wall. Who knows? Maybe someday, I will have so much bad mood art that I'll be able to tour it as a collection. Just like UBS Bank.

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was that I looked tired—I hate being told I look tired, it makes me only more tired. Don’t get me wrong, I like my nditest, but she elbowed me in the head, hard, when cleaning my teeth and said that that’s never happened to her before. Being a shrink I had to start wondering if she was in a bad place or something, being passive aggressive and I hated having to think about anything at all. And then she told me I had cavities, my teeth were eroding and needed some sort of highway work, and I needed a crown which is way more than I have spare money to pay for—and wanted to cap it off with some x-rays that I know are giving me some sort of extra chance at cancer in the future while making me contemplate the physics of the gag reflex in the here and now.Overall, I feel very blessed, but thanks for letting me vent a little. It does feel good.BTW, do you have a bureau of silly walks?

Posted by Mena on April 19, 2012

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