MBTI or Myer's Briggs Type Indicator Changes From ENFP to ISFP.

Jackie Kennedy had a leopard coat; I have a leopard coat.

Jackie Kennedy is an ISFP and she had a leopard coat; I am an ISFP; *I* have a leopard coat.


I recently attended a conference hosted by 99U called the "Pop-Up School." The School was a series of conversations and presentations to help entrepreneurs push ideas toward execution in the marketplace.


I'm that conference nerd. I sat in the front row for every presentation. (I'm also a deaf-in-one-ear nerd that got to sit next to Alex Ohanian. Even though he didn't talk to me.) I volunteered to be a guinea pig for all of the participatory sessions. And I made time for one-on-one conversations with time management, business planning, and organizational psychology experts. When I had the chance to re-take the MBTI, I jumped on it! Ten years ago, I tested out as an ENFP with an OFF THE CHART 'F'. An Extrovert, with Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive abilities. It made perfect sense, at the time.


Ten years later? I tested out as an ISFP. (Just like Britney Spears!) Which also makes perfect sense. After ten years of self-employment, I've gone Introvert. Looking back, I'm not even sure that "Extrovert" was the right word to describe me. I was the idiot always bringing in the donuts on someone's birthday and thinking about people's feelings when management was being difficult. Now I look back and wonder if I was just a codependent really concerned about everyone feeling loved and having a good time.


Have you ever taken the MBTI? Do you agree with the findings? Do you use them at work to improve productivity on teams? Do you think personality tests are bunk? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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Quite a change. . Sorry to lose a fellow ENFP. Wish you would bring me some donuts today… I think the N to S change is the most noteworthy. And I find harder to accept. You seem so much an N to me but good for you discovering your inner S! Must be managing all those little mood spray bottles. Have you sent a pack to Ellen yet?

Posted by Polly on November 16, 2013

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