Packaging that Doesn't Fit The Product OR Why I hate Morton's Salt Containers.

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I had some Deep Thoughts while making dinner the other night: There are a number of products that could benefit from modern-day packaging - but seem oblivious to the consumers' desires and needs. Here's my list:

Morton's Salt package spills salt every time.

Morton's classic salt container is a familiar sight in American kitchens. The spout on top of the can was probably a stroke of genius in 1933, but it means that EVERY TIME someone measures salt for a recipe, a little extra spills out onto the counter top. I hate this. It would be much easier to dip your measuring spoons in salt than to tip a giant container -- that you will never, ever, ever get to the bottom of -- and have the weight of the product dump salt all over your kitchen. What is the long-term environmental impact of millions of cooks dumping salt on their kitchen counter tops? It's probably the cause of global warming, and if Al Gore had ever been poor enough to have to cook his own food, it would have been in the movie, for sure.
Tahini cans are so gross to dip in to. And you never run out of tahini you just have to throw it away.
Similar, but different. On average you need just a couple tablespoons of tahini in any given recipes. Ergo will never, ever, ever get to the bottom of a can of tahini before you have to throw it out and yet it comes in giant tins like this one. You open the top to reveal a sticky mass so thick and hard it will bend your spoon. And then the oily slime on the top is going to be all over your hand which means it's going to wind up all over your kitchen faucet when you freak out and run to wash it. WHY? WHY? WHY? Why not a smaller, squeeze-based package?
Chipotle peppers come in huge tins when you only need a tiny bit. Why?
Tambien with chipotle peppers. These smoked jalapenos are a great addition to many recipes but you only need just a tetch - maybe a teaspoon of chopped chipotle peppers in a giant pot of soup. And is sold in a pop-top, 7 oz. can. Like tahini, you never get to the bottom of it before you have to throw it away. Maybe this is why frogs in Minnesota were mysteriously deformed? Chipotle peppers in the water table, people.
Corn Huskers Lotion is great for dry skin in the winter time, but I hate the bottle.
I've been using Corn Huskers Lotion on my dry, winter skin since my teenage years. It's cheap and it really works. (Look low on the shelves at Walgreen's.) It's also goopy and feels pretty cold when it burps a giant splooge out the bottle. A pump dispenser would be handy but it's probably the cheap package that keeps the Corn Huskers Lotion so affordable. Deep thought: I've got extra pump dispensers downstairs in the mood spray factory.
I still use all of these products, of course, I just wish more thought went in to how they get used.Which is a long way of saying, if you need to bring your Mood Sprays with you on-the-go, the shop has new limited-edition mini mood spray sizes right here. So you can bring it with you on the airplane, freshen your hotel room, etc.But mostly? I just wanted to post about how much I hate the Morton's Salt container.

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