Brief Introduction of ECUT


History and Specialty

EastChina University of Technology (ECUT), originally established in 1956 inShanxiProvince, has enjoyed over 60 years of fine reputation in the academic world. It started asTaiguGeologicalSchool, belonging to State Second Mechanic Industry, a state defense institution. In 1958, ECUT moved toFuzhou,  Jiangxi Province, due to the abundant uranium mines. Presently ECUT is jointly run by Jiangxi Government and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry (SCST), the Ministry of Land and Resource (MLR), and China National Nuclear Corporation.

Since the establishment of ECUT, it has focused its education in the field of Nuclear Science and Geology Science, with the relevant disciplines developed gradually. So far, ECUT has expanded its teaching and research fields to engineering, science, language, economy and arts, among which 1 doctoral program, 71 master programs and 68 bachelor programs. Most of the disciplines mentioned above are connected to the traditional fields at ECUT, forming more than 20 schools and research centers.


?Campus and Location

ECUT has 2 campuses located inNanchang andFuzhou. The main campus is situated inNanchang, the capital city ofJiangxi province. The other campus, approximately80 km southeast ofNanchang, lies inFuzhou, a small bustling city boasting 2,100 years of history. Both campuses take an area of 1400 km2 and are easily accessible by plane, train, bus, or automobile.

ECUT’s campuses are among the most beautiful campuses inJiangxiProvince. Exquisite gardens greet visitors upon arrival. Its well-maintained parks, lawns, topiaries, and various trees are a work of art. A serene lake borders the campus and offers opportunities for many pleasurable activities.


?Schools and Teaching

After 60 years’ development, ECUT is presently composed of 21 schools and research centers.

*School ofEarth Science

*School of Nuclear Science and Technology

*School ofGeophysics and Measurement & Control Technology

*School ofChemistry, Biology and Material Science

*School ofWater Resources and Environmental Engineering

*School ofGeomatics

*School ofInformation Engineering

*School ofSoftware Engineering

*School ofMechanical and Electronic Engineering

*School ofEconomics and Management

*School of Chinese and Law

*School of Foreign Languages

*School of Science

*School of Marxism

*School of Teacher Training

*School of Physical Education

*School of Vocational Education

*School of Postgraduate Education

*Jiangxi Key laboratory of Nuclear Resources and Environment

*Jiangxi Key Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry and Instrumentation

*International School


Within these schools, professional teaching will be carried out by professors and lecturers. ECUT’s commitment to education and research affords students the best possible learning opportunities of any educational environment. We emphasizes the educating and teaching during its 60 years development, based on the fruitful academic achievements. Both theoretical foundation and technological skills are highlighted in the classes, with innovation, cooperation and communication required as the students’ necessary qualities. Hence, students will be able to take a hands-on approach while participating in cooperative learning projects and completing real-world tasks that will prepare them for their future.

Besides, ECUT offers and encourages a wide variety of on-campus activities to promote student growth. As part of the ECUT, students will have opportunities to participate in many extracurricular activities of their choices including debates, speech contests, drama, and sporting events.


A series of exhibitions and events are organized throughout the semester for your participation. Lectures provided by visiting foreign educators and weekly English Corners are just two examples where you can go to mingle and meet new people in an informal atmosphere. Movie theaters and various food establishments including several Western choices are just a few bus stops away from the campuses.


?Students and Staff

ECUT has a team of 2800 teachers as its full time staff, including 123professors. Quite a few of the professors are entitled as China Engineering Academician or Russian Foreign Academician and some professors are granted other distinguished titles due to their education or research contributions. Most of the teachers at ECUT possess doctoral degrees, forming a high qualified work team. We also have a staff of highly qualified foreign teachers from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, England, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, India and many other countries, all of whom interact with students on a daily basis and take part in extracurricular activities.


Creating a sense of community in the classroom is one goal of ECUT. There are around 30,000 students with cultural diversity studying on the campuses. Students come from all overChina, each bringing his own cultural heritage to share. This blending of culture provides the perfect balance between education and multicultural enrichment. ECUT promotes learning communities and cohort models to address diversity issues. Students at ECUT are fully arranged during college life, aiming at the cultivation of comprehensive qualities. ECUT also enrolls international students to study on the campus, including doctoral programs, master programs and bachelor programs. Presently, there are over 20 students fromNigeria,Tanzania,Pakistan,Finland and other areas, in doctoral, master, bachelor degree programs or training programs.


?Facilities and Research

ECUT believe that the teaching and the research must be combined and mutually depended in a university. Therefore, ECUT launches large budget on the facilities and encourage the staff to carry out research programs. So far, more than 10 national and provincial laboratories have been established, i.e. State Key Laboratory of “Nuclear Resources and the Environment , National Defense Key Discipline Laboratory of “Radioactive Geology and Exploration Technology”, Science Ministry’s International Cooperation Base of “Earth Environment”, Education Ministry’s Engineering Research Center of “Nuclear Technology”, Reference Laboratory of IAEA, National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of “Radioactive Geology”, etc.. Besides, there are two training centers----Uranium Geology and Isotope Hydrology Advanced Training Center of IAEA, and Overseas Uranium Resources Exploration andDevelopmentPersonnelTrainingCenter, etc.. More than that, professors here have been invited to work with IAEA as consultancy experts. The university believes in an open way of education, and thereby frequent academic communications are carried out with a great many overseas universities and research institutes from more than 20 countries like America, Russia, Japan, Australia, Ireland, etc.

With a history of more than 60 years, and an open attitude to innovation, ECUT presents a great potential in scientific research. Every year, great achievements of various levels are reached by the staff or institutions, with over 1000 papers published and accepted by SCI issues. Teachers carry out state top projects like ”973”, “863” plans and other National Social/Natural Fund Projects, showing great power in relevant research field. In addition, ECUT carries out many international projects with IAEA, foreign institutions and foreign professors. Our achievements are also granted various awards, covering National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, National Bureau Awards, Provincial Awards, etc.


?Technology and Equipment

ECUT prepares convenient facilities for the students and staff, assisting their study and life on the campuses. All campuses are inter-connected with advanced computer networks and its high speed internet access is supported by dedicated fiber optic cables connecting offices, classrooms, as well as student and teacher dormitories. Broadband wireless access is also available in many hot spots on campus making ECUT a cyber-learning center. To make learning even more convenient, ECUT has built three libraries; each campus has one of its own. All of our libraries are open to students and faculty members alike. In addition, each department has its own specialized library, housing a large collection of materials within its discipline. ECUT also has one of the largestGeologicalMuseums in the country and a Uranium Deposits Exhibition Hall, both popular places for students to visit.

Our inter-campus network connects every dormitory room to the library, faculty and staff offices, and to the Internet. Bring your own computer or use one of the student-access computers in nearly 100 labs and other locations across campuses. ECUT student have free access to the Internet, e-mail accounts and space for personal web pages. ECUT faculty use new information technologies to help you learn how to find, manage, and apply information. Interactive classroom applications include electronic discussion groups, scientific modeling, foreign language chat rooms, and an online journal.


?Internationalization and Globalization

ECUT endeavors to pursue mutually beneficial partnership with reputable international educational organizations. Through memoranda of understanding and agreements, the Institute's network of collaborations spans the globe. The linkages with our valued partners creates a great many opportunities for dynamic and fruitful exchanges of intellectual knowledge and collaborative teaching and research activities. Currently, we are in good partnership with different universities around the world, including University of North Texas, Castleton University, Lakeland College, Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology, University of Central Lancashire, HAMK University, Asian Institute of Technology, Orio Aishin Junior College, etc., covering US, Britain, Ireland, Finland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, German, France, and Taiwan district. Moreover, we also offer a rich array of Global Programs for both incoming international exchange students as well as outgoing students. Besides the cooperation with international universities, ECUT also invites a variety of foreign teachers and experts to visit and teach on our campuses under the programs from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Some of the foreign experts are awarded governmental honors like Jiangxi Friendship Award etc. Thanks to its facility and excellence in nuclear science, ECUT has been authorized to host training programs for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on an annual basis.Recently, ECUT endeavors to enroll foreign students to study on the campuses, offering full English courses in doctoral and master degree programs and partial English courses in bachelor degree programs.


?Last but not least…

ECUT is known for its excellence in innovative teaching that prepares students for future careers. ECUT emphasizes hands-on practice and works closely with industries to provide internship opportunities for students. ECUT is taking giant strides to advance its research and reach out to others around the world for cooperation and collaboration. From Fuzhou to Nanchang, from East China Institute of Geology to East China Institute of Technology, ECUT has traveled a long way and entered into a new arena—THE FUTURE IS YET TO COME!!!