Brief Introduction for International School

 The International School at ECUT was established with the aim of developing the students to study overseas during their college career. These students are supposed to get the related Bachelor Degree issued by both ECUT and the cooperating universities based on the mutual credit recognition, i.e. Duel-degree under the Credit Mutual Recognition. Their general courses and degree courses in China are conducted by both the domestic full-time faculty and the overseas professors from the cooperating universities. We are devoted to offer international students for Bachelor Degree in the field of Economics, Chinese Language and Literature, and other engineering disciplines. Within the chosen degree structure, students are given the opportunity to develop good working relationships with individual faculty and improve their knowledge, critical thinking, and creative presentation. They can also get to know both the national and the local cultures through daily contact. So far we have established the education and research connections with North Texas University and Lakeland University in the USA, Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland, University of Central Lancashire in UK, Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, Orio Aishin Junior College in Japan etc. Each year there are about 200 undergraduates in the International School, majoring in Software Engineering and Mechanics Engineering. In addition, we have a fixed number of international students for degree programs or visiting studies.  

*Selected Joint Programs

 We have the cooperation model of “2+2” or “3+1” in each of the concerned programs, meaning the students are educated in China for two years and in the cooperating universities for two years respectively, or in China for three years and in the cooperating universities for one year.

The Software Engineering Program

 The students under this program are trained to improve their language skills, team spirits, and learning skills in terms of the cooperating universities, as well as to enrich their knowledge of software design, program writing and testing, software program management, internet and information system design and analysis, and other related knowledge.

Mechanics Engineering Program

 The students under this program are trained to develop their skills in language, independent study, innovation, and internship practice. They also gain competence in product design, manufactory management, equipment maintenance, quality control and other skills and techniques.  

*Selected Degree Programs for International Students


 The students in this program are trained in Consumer Behavior Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Network Marketing and Logistics Management. The related courses of culture, advertizing, and enterprise administration are also covered. (See Faculty of Economics and Management)

International Trade

 The students recruited on the basic principles of International Business, especially in the Sino-foreign Trade. We also instruct our students to learn international business law and acquire the skills of business letter writing, trade negotiation, and trade exporting and importing. (See Faculty of Economics and Management)

Chinese Language and Culture

 The students in this program are trained to grasp the Chinese language, especially Mandarin Chinese, and Chinese culture. They also develop knowledge of Chinese literature, from the ancient to the modern time. The fields like Public Relations, Chinese History and Chinese Pedagogy are also covered (See Faculty of Chinese and Law).

 Apart from the above fixed programs, more programs are being expanded in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. We are authorized to instruct all students on campus to study overseas for degree in concerning disciplines. We accept international students for degree programs, visiting studies, and research programs in all fields in ECUT.


 We have a vast resource of full-time teachers in ECUT arranged to educate our students. Our teachers, most of whom have earned doctorates or other terminal degrees, are joined by the highly qualified teachers from the cooperating universities. In addition to teaching management, we have staff for student management, both for undergraduates and international students, making sure their campus life fruitful.

 More information about the school can be located at: or

 +86-791-83897430 (Yao ZHOU)