Enrollment_Information_for_International_Students_in ECUT

East China University of Technology (ECUT) is a technological university jointly founded by Jiangxi Province, the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR), and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry (SCST). Located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, ECUT enjoys a history of 62 years. Presently, ECUT has two campuses, one in Nanchang and the other in Fuzhou City in the same province, covering about 130 thousand km2. Due to decades’ development, developed by more than 20 faculties and research organizations, ECUT has expanded its teaching and research fields in Engineering, Sciences, Arts, Laws, and Science of Management, etc.There are about 30,000 students studying on the campus and a staff of about 2000 teaching or researching in ECUT.

Booming ECUT is looking forward to your joining.

1 Application Prerequisites

○Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

○Academic/Age/Language Requirements

  • Students Category

    Academic Eligibility

    Age Limits

    Language Requirement

    Chinese-Medium Program

    English-Medium Program

    Non-degree students




    English is mother tongue or teaching language in high school years or IELTS score of at least 6.5 with each subtest more than 6.0

    Undergraduates students

    High school certificate

    Under 30


    English is mother tongue or teaching language in high school years or IELTS score of at least 6.5 with each subtest more than 6.0

    Master Degree Students

    Bachelor's degree certificate

    Under 35


    English is mother tongue or teaching language in high school years or IELTS score of at least 6.5 with each subtest more than 6.0

    Doctoral Degree Students

    Master's degree certificate

    Under 40


    English is mother tongue or teaching language in high school years or IELTS score of at least 6.5 with each subtest more than 6.0

    Students without sufficient Chinese language proficiency are required to take one-year Chinese language training courses in ECUT and after reaching the requirements, the students can enter their majors. (only for Chinese-Medium programs).

○Applicants must agree to obey the relevant laws of the PRC.

2 Programs Open for Application

Program Categories

Program  Name



Doctoral Degree

Geological Resource and Engineering

3 years

Master Degree

Geological Resource and Engineering

3 years

Environmental Science and Engineering

3 years

Land Resource Management Engineering

3 years

Geo-technical Engineering

3 years


3 years


3 years

Civil Engineering

3 years

Electronic Circuit and System

3 years

Business Administration

3 years

Bachelor Degree

Software Engineering

4 years

Electronic Engineering

4 years

Chemical Engineering

4 years

Mining Engineering

4 years

International Trade

4 years


4 years

Chinese-Medium programs

Chinese Language & Literature

4 years

3 Application Process


Applications to all programs could be sent to

○Application Materials

  • Application forms;

  • A passport photo;

  • Copy of passport(the photo page);

  • Copy of your final degree transcripts(written in Chinese or English);

  • Copy of your final degree certificate (written in Chinese or English);

& Transcripts and degree certificate in language other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

  • HSK-4 certificate(for Chinese-Medium programs if available);

English language proficiency certificate(for English-Medium Program students from non-English speaking countries)

  • Financial support statement;

  • Research proposal(for Master and PhD only);

  • Reference letters(for Master and PhD only);

  • Physical exam form in recent 6 months;

  • Other relevant documents.

Note: Your applications and documents will not be returned.

4 Application Schedule

1st January -31st May, 2018

5 Registration Date

October 2018 (specified in the Admission Letter)

6 Tuition Fee (RMB/per year)


Language Program

Undergraduate Program

Master Program

Doctoral Program

Tuition Fees







Medical Insurance



About ?1000


? 400/Month(Single)

7 Scholarships

ECUT provides scholarships for outstanding international students who intend to study at the University.


Jiangxi Governmental Scholarships

MA/PHD degree


BA degree


Language Training
(more than
6 months)



ECUT Scholarships

First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


8  Medical insurance

The regulation of Chinese Ministry of Education requires that all international students must be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study.Students are required to purchase the Comprehensive insurance Plan of Foreign Students online before the registration or on the day of registration.Students who do not have valid medical insurance are not allowed to register.

9Visa information

Students admitted to ECUT may apply your visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country with your letter of admission and JW201/202 from.International students who will study in China for over 6 months are required to obtain ‘X1’Visa,which will only be valid for 30 days after arrival in China.International students must come to the International Students Division and apply for a Residence Permit within these 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China.

10 Contact information