Language Traning Program in ECIT

  • Period:  Short-term Program (20 weeks); Long-term Program (40 weeks)

  • Start time: For short-termMarch or September; for long-termSeptember.

  • Goals:

  •  To learn Chinese languagesystematically, from pronunciation (including PIN YIN), Chinese Characters HAN ZI), Chinese Words, Chinese Sentences and Grammar.

  •  To grasp about 600 Chinese daily characters.

  •  To learnChinese culture, especially reflected by language.

  •  To learn writingChinese characters with writing brush.

  •  To learn practicalChinese conversation.

  •  To learn about the Chinese literature.

    • Contents (courses):

  •  Comprehensive Chinese;

  •  ChinesePronunciation;

  •  Chinese Spelling;

  •  Chinese Speaking and Listening;

  •  Chinese Culture;

  •  Chinese Reading andWriting;

  •  Brief introduction of Chinese Literature.

    • Methods:

  •  The teacher instruct on the classes;

  •  The studentspractice after classes;

  •  Each student will have a language advisor;

  •  Each student will have aChinese student to accompany forlanguage learning in real life, twice a week.

    • Class time:

 Usually the courses are to be taught in the morning, four periods from 8:00 to 11:40. In the afternoon some seminars or lectures will be hold. Students are required to do language practice in the evening.

    • Text books:

  •  Boya Chinese;

  •  Short-term Chinese Listening;

  •  Short-term Chinese Speaking;

  •  Chinese Characters by Mr. Zhang;

  •  Chinese Reading and Writing: a Course Book.

    • Others (optional choice):

  •  VisitChinese traditional family;

  •  Cultural Tourism within Jiangxi Province;

  •  Chinese corner will be held every week.

    • Evaluation:

  •  Students are expected to take an examination similar to HSK 4.0 level;

  •  The daily performance will be evaluated;

  •  A proof certification will be granted by the International School and theFaculty ofChineseand Laws.

 * The working language for Chinese courses will be bilingual, for Chinese Culture will be English.

 * The language training program of 4 or 8 weeks also follow the above instructions.


International School in ECIT