"Apathy" gives energy and focus.



Your office mate comes back from maternity leave with her new baby. It's time to work on a new strategic plan. Your sister-in-law wants you to stop by and see her newly remodeled kitchen. Maybe it's you. Maybe you need to change your life, but...no...that would take A LOT of time and effort. You've got things to do. Aerobics. In-ter-net... [excerpt from text on label!]

  • Pink Grapefruit revives and refreshes with a clean, bright scent. Fresh, green herbs improve your mental focus and recharge your energy levels.
  • Natural support helpful for winter depression/Seasonal Affective Disorder/SAD.
  • Relief in seconds - no aromatherapy burner required.
  • Organically sourced essential oils to revive and refresh, jump starting your energy levels.
  • Apathy™ Anti-Bad-Mood Spray can brighten and freshen the air without harmful chemicals.
  • Non-aerosol and safe to use around children and pets!
  • Certified Vegan - No Animal Testing - BPA Free - Reusable/100% Recyclable Packaging.

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